Any pie flavor can also be ordered as an adorable mini Pie Cup, Hand Pie or Tin Pie.

Pie Cups are mini pies baked in a standard sized muffin tin. they are open faced, meaning they do not have a top crust. They look beautiful displayed on platters and plates and make a great single-serving dessert! They come in all  10 flavors listed below and can be topped with a pumpkin, leaf, heart, star or apple garnish crust. Just let me know what you’d prefer. Custard flavors are available with homemade whipped cream topping and garnish of your choice (refrigeration required).  Note: Fruit flavors tend to have a bubbly and very homemade and rustic look. Custard fillings tend to be neater in appearance as pictured below and come with a shortbread crust (optional). Shipping is not available for the Pie Cups at this time. 

{$3.25 per Pie Cup, one flavor per dozen}


Perfectly Pumpkin Pie Cups (Standard Crust)

Island Banana Pie Cups (shortbread crust)

Peanut Butter & Chocolate (with Chocolate Crust and Chocolate Whipped Cream)

Cherry Pie Cup (with Standard Crust)

Pecan Pie Cups (with Standard Crust)

Chocolate Cream Pie (with Shortbread Crust)

Hand Pies are mini “pocket” pies available with peekaboo designs or solid crusts (see Pie Pops for designs). These mini pies are great for those who would prefer a larger portion of pie without the stick, neat and clean! Note: All hand pies measure approximately 4″ in diameter. Shipping IS available for the Hand Pies.

*Mini pies with peekaboo designs tend to have an expiration of about 5 days for optimum freshness. Pies without the exposed fruit last about 7 days.

{$3.00 per Hand Pie, one flavor per dozen}


Tin Pies are simply mini traditional pies baked in a 4″ disposable tin. They can come with a top crust (as shown below) in my standard crust or they can also come open-faced (no top crust) with my shortbread pie crust. These mini pies are my largest portion of pie- a true portion! Note: Gluten Free options available for the Tin Pies only. Shipping is not available at this time for the Tin Pies.

*Refrigeration required for custard fillings or whipped cream options

{$3.50 per Tin Pie, 1 flavor per dozen}

Old Fashioned Apple

Chocolate Cream

Sweetly Strawberry

Island Banana

Texas Pecan

Cherry Tart

Blueberry Bouquet

Peachy Keen

Vintage Blackberry

Perfectly Pumpkin

Key-West Lime

Peanut Butter + Chocolate

*Other flavors can be done upon request!